About Me

Hi I am Shang J., a 20-something Pakistani beauty blogger living in Germany, who created The Feminine Crusade some four years ago.

People have diaries, I have The Feminine Crusade, my little recluse where I rant and rave about beauty. I like to be a crusader in unveiling all new products. You want an honest take on something before making your wallet any less heavy, look it up on my blog. From crisp reviews of what-not to swatches, from glam-inspiring makeup to nail art, from step-by-step tutorials to weekly features, I make beauty fun.

You might also catch an occasional glimpse of food, lifestyle and fashion; because I am a diving-here-and-there kind of person and my blog is where I enjoy it most.

Skin Type: Dry-combination
Skin Tone: NC25 in MAC

I am a part of:

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