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Sleek Makeup Face Form in 'Light' - Review & Swatches

With multi-tasking elements such as contour powder, highlighter and/or blusher or bronzer, Face Form is the ultimate face definition kit in one neat compact designed to suit all skin tones.Face Form in Light is ideal for light skin tones. Use in conjunction with Crème To Powder foundation for a flawless finish.

$14.99, £9.99, €12.99 | Sleek Makeup, Shades of Pink

Sleek Face Form comes in 4 shades. The Fair and Light kit contains a contour powder, a highlighter and a blush. Whereas, the Medium and Dark kit contains a bronzer instead of the blush. I bought the Face Form in Light.

I initially wanted to buy the Sleek Contour Kit, since I specifically wanted the contour powder. But it was out of stock on the website and I just went ahead with the Face Form since additional Sleek blushes are always a bonus. I chose Light over Fair only because I wanted a darker contour powder.

The contour powder is really good, perfect shade, not too muddy or orange. It is also nicely pigmented and blends well. The highlighter is a pearlescent champagne-white. It is not overly pigmented like the Mary Lou Manizer. It leaves a very subtle glow which not too metallic and over the top. It looks quite natural and radiant. I love an over-the-top highlight, but on various occasion that call for subtle glow I enjoy using this particular highlighter.

The third part of the kit is said to be the Sleek Blush in Rose Gold which is likened to the infamous NARS Orgasm. After reading various reviews and trying this blush out for myself I do think this blush in the Face Form is less pigmented than the original one. I have to build it up a lot to get a good color payoff.

Even though I would have saved some bucks and would have been better off with only the Contour Kit, I don't mind this additional blush. It may not be Rose Gold but it leaves a pretty, soft peachy glow.


A great trio, especially the contour powder and highlighter.

 photo signI-1.jpg 


  1. Nice post. I've been wondering myself if I should buy this kit but reading your post convinced me to give it a try.

  2. great swatch.I was eyeing this one for the blush in it but now i think i made the right choice in getting contour kit :)
    PS:hey did you know you look like Arohi from Ashiqui 2 :p I think she is real pretty and so are you :)

    1. Haha I have heard that sooo many times! Thank you. :) ♥

  3. Great swatches... The blush looks more pinkish than the original rose gold swatches....The bronzer and highlighter seems nice though.

    1. Yeah the blush does look different from what I have seen on internet. x

  4. Amazing clicks! I own the contour kit & love it to bits. The blush looks lovely from the swatches. Such a bargain! x

    1. Thank you Zubia! The contour powder really is amazing. x

  5. This looks really nice! I wish Sleek was available in the states! The highlighter looks really pretty. xx
    Rena Kiss and Make Up

  6. Glad you enjoy it! I love that blush, it's so similar to rose gold but is more peachy and pink. I've got their contour kit and it's been good for me so far! The highlighting color in the kit is more golden yellow though and seems to be finer.

  7. Thanks for this honest review, I get contour kit since long, now I think id only be needing that. Sweet smile, n great swatches.

  8. Alla shades are tempting
    Lovely review


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