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Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lip Palettes - Review & Swatches

Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lip Palettes

A collection of 5 high-fashion lip colors created by celebrity makeup artist Shahzad Raza for a multitude of looks from natural and pretty to bold and dramatic. Each shade is named after the supermodel who inspired it. A lightweight formula with an intensely pigmented, long wearing matte finish, each color can be worn alone or mixed together to create your own signature hue. Achieve a precise application with a full-size lip brush and mirror for touch-ups on the go.

Lipstick Palette: PKR 2250, $23.54 | Just4girls, I Love Luscious
Lip Gloss Palette: PKR 2150, $22.49 | Just4girlsI Love Luscious

A while back Luscious released their new collection, the Ather Shahzad Master Makeup Collection containing lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows, blushes and highlighters. In short, a complete package for every makeup lover. Today I am reviewing two of their Lip Palettes that contain 5 shades each.

Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lipstick Palette
Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lipstick Palette
Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lip Gloss Palette
Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lip Gloss Palette
I am not a fan of lip palettes, I find them a nuisance but Luscious very quickly changed my mind. Ather Shahzad collaborated with them to release a lipstick and lip gloss palette inspired by his favourite models. They reached me VERY beautifully packed with gold glitter and confetti.

I instantly liked the sleek, black hard plastic packaging. The palettes are very sturdy but lighweight, making them perfect for traveling and for even keeping them in your handbag. Both the palettes come with a very handy lip brush and a good-sized mirror. I love the brush and never need to dig in for any other.

In the Lipstick Palette what wow-ed me most, was their gorgeous colours and pigmentation. There is everything from nude to red to wear it alone or mix n match. Meesha is a lovely tomato red. Mehreen looked bleh in the pan but transferred to a gorgeous pinky brown on the lips. Nadya is my favourite of the bunch, a beautiful pinkish coral. Iman is a very flattering nude which I immensely like. And Cybil is a bright, bold, hot pink. All shades have an amazing colour payoff and a semi-matte finish. 

Although their wear time is slightly disappointing. They start to fade from my lips after 2 hours and fade quite unevenly leaving the inner portion empty. There is also a massive outcry on Luscious's steep prices of this collection, considering in the past Luscious has been a very affordable brand. To be honest, as far as this Lipstick Palette is concerned it is worth the Rs. 2250 price tag. You are getting 5 gorgeous lipsticks which every person is definitely gonna like, you can create more shades, the lip brush is amazing and you can take the palette on vacation not needing to worry about the space. Worth it!

The Lip Gloss Palette on the other hand did not appeal me this much. For one, I am not a lip gloss fan I don't wear them often. And two, I did not find the colour collection in this lip gloss palette too impressive. Nadia is a pinkish nude, almost clear on the lips if worn alone, same goes for Natasha, a shimmery peach, and Vinnie, a brownish nude. Zara is a bubblegum pink with silver shimmer. And Rachel is a dark maroon-ish lip gloss. All lip glosses are quite sheer except for Rachel which has sheer-medium coverage. But none of them are long-lasting and I personally prefer to layer them over the shades from the Lipstick Palette for a glossy touch. The Lip Gloss Palette is not worth the hefty price and I'd most likely skip it.

Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lipstick Palette (swatches)
Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lipstick Palette (swatches)
Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lipstick Palette (swatches)
Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lip Gloss Palette (swatches)
Luscious Ather Shahzad Master Lip Gloss Palette (swatches)
The Lipstick Palette is a must-have if you are into lipsticks, love playing with colours, travel a lot or are a makeup artist.
The Lip Gloss Palette did not wow me. It is pretty average.

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Disclaimer: This product(s) was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence my opinion at all.


  1. looking so lovely on you :) No doubt this palette is such treat for lips

  2. the pigmentation of the lip palette looks great! The shade collection is great also.

  3. Lipstick palette is undoubtedly the best of Ather Shahzad's over all Luscious collection! Wonderful swatches! All the lippies suit you so well! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Thank you Jadirah! I love all the shades. x

  4. I am also not a big fan of lip palettes but I must say lipstick palette is wow....I love all the shades...xoxoxo....^_^

  5. i love this lip palette, great swatches

  6. All of them suit you so well i'm so not confident with reds :( but this collection looks tempting to buy!


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