Monday, 7 October 2013

With Love, TFC's Exclusive Advertiser

My current Exclusive Advertiser is the very talented Mel from 'Epic Stitching'. If you want to advertise with me, check out my page here.

Epic Stitching & Handmade Design was a revival of individual creativity for owner Mel. After spending 8 years as a Magazine Art Director and creating items for business, Mel decided that she needed to design items that were to her passions. Thus came the creation of an Etsy store, Epic Stitching.

The primary items sold are Kumihimo bracelets and jewelry. Kumihimo is an ancient Samurai technique that was used to create armor. It's strength and durability are unmatched when used in a fiber application for jewelry.

Being severely allergic to metal, Mel had finally discovered a way to make beautiful jewelry she could wear for more than a few hours. And that both men, women and children could appreciate and wear alike.

While Mel still works full time (administrative work) to pay the mortgage, it is no longer as a designer so that all her creativity goes into the Epic Stitching store.

Custom items are accepted and encouraged. Have something made just for you!
Etsy Shop | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest
- Mel


  1. looks cute :)

    Do drop by sometime :)

  2. You have great and magnificent collections but guys you can visit Thomas Sabo Australia sale online - wherefrom I purchased some jewelry my for wife. Their collections are very exclusive.


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