Sunday, 25 August 2013

With Love, TFC's Exclusive Advertiser

My Exclusive Advertiser for June is the lovely Stephanie from the etsy shop 'Gypsy Thread Vintage'. If you want to advertise with me, check out my advertising page here.

We Do Vintage, Magically.
We are stardust, timeless and everlasting, each unique, each connected. Gypsy Thread Vintage is dedicated to the fearless revival of the Gypsy Spirit expressed in the quality, character and timeless style of vintage bohemian fashions.

All garments are authentic vintage pieces spanning many decades and representing many styles and fashion trends.Explore the shop and find your style. I stand behind my clothes and my customers and offer a full satisfaction guarantee on your purchase.

Purchases can be made from the etsy shop or from the facebook fanpageGypsy Thread Vintage ships intenationally and shipping polices are found here.

Also avail their Back To Class- 25% off on accessories sale till September 16!

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