Wednesday, 5 December 2012

TFC's Tete-a-tete: 3 Makeup Products in 3 Minutes

If you had only 3 minutes to get ready and go what 3 makeup products would you use?
I seldom leave my home without putting on a concealer, an eye liner and a lipstick. And I will make sure I do my face with them in my three minutes.

Now you guys comment away!


  1. sheer coverage of liquid foundation, powder my t zone. line my water line and mascara. and i am good to go :)

  2. hmmm..mine wud be lipgloss, eyeliner n blush :)

  3. Mine would be foundation, concealer and lip balm! ^_~

  4. Smudged MAC kohl eyeliner, Becca beach tint cream blush (love!), and Tarte LipSurgence (probably the only lip product I can put on without a mirror). :)

  5. Eyeliner, lipstick and blush TADA!!! I am ready I usually do only this much:)

  6. Concealer, lip-stain and mascara! Go to makeup! :)

  7. eyeliner, lipstick, blush on and if it wasnt the restrection of three product i can apply concealer and powder n perfume within three min too hehehe

  8. Powderfoundation, eyeliner and lipstick which can double as blush:-)

  9. Eye liner, concealer and lipstick! just like you :D

  10. Thank you for all your answers. We ladies sure know how to pull off any look in whatever time we are given. ^^

  11. Mine would be, BB Cream and RED LIPSTICK! :)

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  12. Concealer, lipstick and eye kohl ;)

  13. sunblock , nude lipstick n eye kohl :)


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