Friday, 30 November 2012

Weekly Highlight: Maybelline Colo Rama Nail Lacquer in Mauve Kiss

I had an idea to share something fabulous with you guys each week be it something beauty, something fashion or something from my everyday life. So here is our first Weekly Highlight.

This is Mauve Kiss from the Maybelline’s Colo Rama Nail Lacquer Collection. This whole collection is AH-MAZING. Such a wide variety of gorgeous shades with great formula for only PKR 350 / €1.70 / $3. Neutrals are such a trend now, and this Mauve Kiss is a creamy beige with undertones of pale mauve, making it perfect for Winter.


  1. I love these kind of shades! So simple yet amazing :) hareem x

    1. True Nudes look good with everything. x

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  3. This color looks really lovely and cute! It´s like a soft creamy!


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  4. wow.the shade is absolutly fantabulous.just my kind of color n finsh.great post :)

  5. woww such a gorg color , love it :)

  6. Thats's a beautiful nude, lovely! :) xx I've never tried maybelline polishes before!

  7. Gorgeous shade, reminds me a lot of Essie Merino Cool but lighter. Love these muted purplish, slightly greyish shades :)

  8. I love the reviews you make hun, I've read so many of them and they're always so helpful.
    I was wondering if you could follow back, I 'd really appreciate it :)

  9. this is such a beautiful shade!! <3

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  11. Nice nude color I guess. :)

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