Friday, 17 August 2012

Modocat Wishlist #2

Modocat recently did a website makeover adding so much more to their sassy collection. They also added six fashion capitals from all around the world letting you shop from your favourite catwalk style. I HAD TO make another wishlist!

1. Ruffled Patterned Blouse (see here) - This girlish blouse with a ruffled v neck costs only $11.50.

2. Potion Capped Toe Pump (see here) - The vampy gold toe guarantees a total glam walk.

3. Coral Future Belt (see here) - How could I say no to coral prettiness?

4. Daredevil Peep Toe Pump (see here) - Classic black peep toe heel! A never-ending trend.

5. Sharp Fringe Necklace (see here) - I have seen this fringe necklace on so many divas so I couldn't resist adding it to my wishlist.

6. Bohemian Print Leggings (see here) - Combination of sweet and sexy - a must-have!

Don't forget to use the code FEMININEART to get upto 60% off. They have unbeatable prices that one shouldn't miss.

Disclaimer: The post contains affiliate links.


  1. great pieces! followed you, hope you can follow back!

  2. wow! I love # 4 and 6 outta ur wishlist. So trendy! Do they deliver in Pakistan?

  3. these items are awesome!! love both pairs of shoes and that sexy necklace!!!

  4. that blouse and necklace are awesome!

  5. they have super cute stuff!


  6. nice items, the necklace is pretty nice :)
    would you like to follow each other?

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  7. love those shoes #2, need them :)


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