Thursday, 17 May 2012

NOTD: Gold Elegance

Once I was creating random nail designs on my nail practice wheel that I came up with this. Today I thought of re-creating it for you guys. A simple and easy nail mani with a very sophisticated appeal.
I painted my entire nail a silver shade and then did one-fourth of it white at a diagonal angle, with an eyeliner brush I did two strokes of gold polish. I topped with a Born Pretty Store gold rhinestone in the middle of the white part and finished with a Luscious Top Coat.
Sadly, the Flormar nail polishes I used for this NOTD had thickened maybe because I haven’t used them for long or because of the weather. I was not in the mood to cater to their thickness needs, hence, I ended up with a streaky application. :/
Let me know what you think of this NOTD. :)


  1. Easy peasy & nice :)
    Have fun ..

  2. Love those rhinestones :) Great effort :)

  3. super cute.. reminds me of candy

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  5. wao it looks so pretty...golden and silver goes so well with each other

  6. this is so pretty. love it :) xx


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