Thursday, 25 August 2011

Review: Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss 'Be Famous'


Vinyl Gloss now has a great shine magnifying formula for beautiful juicy looking lips that are bursting with colour. Its technology features a boosted magnifying Vinyl Shine Complex for a perfectly sculpted pout that is up to 80% shinier! The formula also boasts incredible. The formula also boasts incredible light refraction and high colour retention. It’s the ultimate in glossy glamour with lips up to 40% curvier.

PKR 725
You can buy it online from Boots.

This lip gloss is available in 16 shades. I got myself ‘Be Famous’. It has a doe foot applicator of average size which helps you in precise application.

I am one of those persons who love opaque lip glosses. I want glosses to coat my lips with colour. It should look like I am wearing SOMETHING. Plus, I am also a lover of bold colours. But there are some occasions that call for less drama, so I wanted something natural, something neutral. I was shocked that I have absolutely NO sheer lip gloss. Craving for a beautiful sheer lip gloss I bought Rimmel London’s Vinyl Gloss. And honestly it made me regret why have I never before indulged in sheer glosses. First of all I fell in love with the peachy, coral colour. It is a colour which will compliment most people. Then the fact that this particular shade did not have any glitter specks was another plus. I am not much of a fan of sparkly glosses.  The shine it left on my lips was perfect, not too light, not too glossy. I don’t like my lips oozing with gloss. The gloss nonetheless is very sheer, I love it because I was looking for ONE. It is non-sticky, which makes it great for Summer. Its consistency is again perfect, and the gloss feels weightless. The best thing for me is that this gloss has NO taste, at all, which is super. I can’t stand flavoured glosses much. It smells really sweet too. It lasts about two hours on my lips. Below is a swatch of 'Be Famous':


If like me you are looking for a perfect everyday gloss or a hint of classiness with a neutral gloss this gloss is for you.  But if you want something bold, something more noticeable and something flavoured  then you won’t like this.


  1. looks great and fab! i love the lip swatch!
    you've got some awards hun!

  2. You are right! Sheer gloss lovers should not miss out this one. My younger sis loves it <3 great review :)

  3. I'm so into that color atm. It look fabulous!


  4. what a sweet swatch! I'd check this out. thx =D

  5. wow..this one's nice.. :) I like Rimmel's lip products too. I got one lipgloss from them.. and I absolutely love it.. I only use it rarely though because I'm more of the matte type of girl :)

  6. Looks amazing on your lips.Wonderful review.

  7. pretty color looks so lovely on your lips

  8. Looks nice! I must look for this. :)

  9. nice blog sis! I also like the color of this particular product! very Faboosh! kisses!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

  10. That gloss looks fantastic! <3

  11. awesome post! :) love it!

  12. Fragancia - It is a lovely colour.

    Diane - Thank you so much for passing all these awesome awards.

    Sara.H - Yeah. I was dead to the beauty of them. *_*

    Cynthia Z - I just can't stop using it. :P

    Lina Kim - You are welcome.

    missbebedoll - I am not at all into matte lip products. I don't even use lipstick without a gloss. ;)

    Shop N' Chomp - You won't regret buying it.

    Remy, Pandora`s Box, sahar awan, Ruby Girl, Mar, Angela Alvarez - Thank you so much. ♥

  13. The lipgloss looks really nice but I barely wear lipgloss because I prefer lipstick. I like the feeling more.

  14. The color is so pretty! I like it

  15. Whoaa your lips look so glossy!

  16. Oh wow- completely stunning color!

    Missing Amsie Blog


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