Sunday, 14 August 2011

NOTD: Pakistani Green with Black Shatter

Woohoo! Happy Independence Day everyone. Patriotism is contagious. The spirit of the day has gotten to me too. So I just thought to celebrate today with a simple green and black crackle look. Yeah yeah I know it should be green and white but alas I did not have any white crackle or a perfect green colour. Sigh. So I just went on and polished my nails with whatever I had and created this Independence magic :P

It looks real chic, doesn’t it? I have applied Beautyuk Shatter Polish in Goth no.2 over a shiny green nail colour which I was never fond of. But with this black shatter all over it, I change my mind.

Let’s all celebrate Pakistan’s 64th Birthday. It is a remix-ed National Anthem, nonetheless EPIC.

 We Pakista


  1. long live Pakistan

    love the crackle part

  2. These nails are awesome. And love the partriotism.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    absorbing optimistic rays

  3. Your nails look amazing. Happy independence day
    Had to stand up for the funky national anthem :)

  4. Love Love Love ~ Pakistan..Proud to be a Pakistani :)

  5. this is so pretty :) LOVE your mani. Happy Independence day to you too <3

  6. Happy Independence Day <3

    Nice nail design :)

  7. Jashan e AzaadI Mubarak!Very Patriotic post :)

  8. gorgeouS nails :)
    & a belated happy independance day!! x

  9. Happy Independence day! Those nails are sooo pretty. I haven't tried the crackle polish yet and this totally makes me want to do it :)

  10. Absolutely gorgeous. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN <3 :D

  11. Totally love this! happy independence day!! :D

  12. sahar awan - Yes! Long Live Pakistan ♥ Thank you.

    Kel - Thank you so much.

    Pandora`s Box - Hahah! It's awesome, right? ;)

    CREATIVE MIND - Aww yes we are!

    Sara.H - Thank you Sara. It means a lot.

    Makeup Glitz - To you too! Thanks =)

    PopBlush - Thank you.

    Areej Usman - Lol! I know. I got caught in the zeal n zest.

    Radiant Make Up - Aww ♥

    azu - Oh you so must. This crackle is a beauty.

    Hadia - May we see lots of more birthdays. ^^

    iheartmexoxo - Thank you, hon!

  13. Happy Independence day to pakistan!!
    enjoy hun!

  14. Looking forward to some Cool new concepts for Eid and Defence Day too! ^_^

  15. Diane - Thank you.

    Castle - Keep a watch out. You'll definitely see something great. =)

  16. Happy Birthday Pakistan!! loving the polish, dear! very creative of you to come up with that :)

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

  17. love the nail design!
    Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment =)

  18. That looks fantastic!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  19. Love this crackle ! Amazing! :D

  20. how to done nail art?vch tool?
    awesome love

  21. Thank you. ♥

    sizzlinghinanaz - Thank you sweetie. This is Beautyuk Shatter Polish in 'Goth'. Not much art here, you just layer it on any nail colour and it crackles. ^^

  22. What a brilliant idea. Nice nail polish. Thanks for sharing with us.


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