Saturday, 18 June 2011

Blog of the Week #1

Are you excited for the first ‘Blog of the Week’? Well, what better way to start than to start with the very best. Though hers was the second blog I joined, it has rapidly become the first one I refer to now.

Sara Hassan's Blog - the experience that speaks and speaks well.

Sara Hassan is a 22–year old blogger from Karachi, Pakistan. She writes about Pakistani to International cosmetics, trends and whatever happens to be on top. From press releases to P/R samples, from Karachite local market to the latest outlet lauches, from her favourite buys to her skin care routine, from FOTDs to Friday NOTDs she does it all. Her posts are lucid, expressive and to-the-point. When I want to buy something I usually check out different blogs and their reviews. But when I am reading Sara Hassan’s posts, I actually buy THOSE things. That’s the difference that makes her stand out from the rest. I trust her reviews, plus her magical, real-like pictures make it so much easier. She does fab photography.

My Favourite Post 
It would be an FOTD that I absolutely love since I have seen it.

Stunning, ain’t it?

Where to follow?


  1. Aww.. thank you so much :) you're such a sweetheart <3. I am humbled. I am sure gonna share it with my readers! love xx

  2. My pleasure Sara! You'll always be my favourite ;)

  3. Yes! I love Sara! =) She's the greatest. Definitely a blog others should follow.


  4. Love sara's blog!!!! Great post Shang :D

  5. Hehe.. thanks Shanj J. ^^ and thank you girls for giving me this honor :)

  6. you have done a great job :) *hugs*

  7. Congratulations Sara :) You truly deserve so much LOVE from everyone :) <3

  8. Ahhhahah! Sara's was one of my first blogs to follow to! Still loving her now! :D

  9. Thanks for the comments ladies ^^

  10. i do love Sara.. i love her EOTD..
    and i am Sarah, hehe ;p

    great post dear..
    i'm planning to do a weekly blogger post too..

  11. Thank you for the comment and following! x)
    This blog layout is super cute.
    I looove reading Sara Hassan's blog. She's so pretty and the reviews/photos are super duper helpful.

  12. Totally agree with you--Sara Hassan is awesome! Go girls!!!

  13. I've been follow her blog since 2010..I love her blog so much..She's very friendly and I love every single works she do..^_^..

  14. I have never seen her blog, thank you for posting this! And thank you for the follow! Love your blog!

  15. Thank you everybody. Sara really has the loveliest of blogs. ^^

  16. I love her blog, she is so talented :)
    These posts are so much fun :)

    Love Christine ♥


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