Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday's Mini: Born Pretty Store Criss-Cross Falsies

Born Pretty Store Criss-Cross Falsies | $7.99
Today, I have a mini review on a box of false eyelashes from Born Pretty Store that just costs $7.99. The pack comes with 10 pairs of criss-cross lashes, quite a deal I would say.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Nanshy now at Douglas + Review

Are you a fan of Nanshy brushes? And do you live in Germany? Good news folks..Nanshy is now available at Douglas. Yaay! I am pretty thrilled. I did a review on some Nanshy brushes a while back and with their amazing quality and affordable prices all I wanted was to grab some more of their makeup brushes. All makeup addicts know there is no limit to how many makeup brushes you can have! They get dirty in a sec and we lazy people take forever to clean them. Best idea, hoard them! ;)

Wanna get your paws on some Nanshy? Just click this link! And..if you are not in Germany, don't fret, you can still buy your brushes from the official Nanshy website. They deliver worldwide.

And to my rapidly-growing Nanshy collection I have two more makeup brushes to add plus a beauty sponge. 

Friday, 6 November 2015

Andes Roses - Premium Cosmetics from the Rose Valley

Have you heard about the famed oil-bearing Rose Valley in Bulgaria? You should definitely google some pictures. The sight is breathtaking. So, Bulgaria is known for their rose oil which is produced in abundance every year. AndesRoses is one such Bulgarian company that produces premium cosmetics from that beautiful Rose Valley.

If you head over their website, you will bombarded with rose-scented products and huge variety of pure essential oils that can help treat insomnia, depression, sickness and everything these miracle oils are supposed to do. And of course who can forget their delightful Rose Oil made from the Damask rose. Ughh! All this talk about roses makes me want to catch the next plane to Bulgaria. 

Andes Roses - Premium Cosmetics from the Rose Valley

AndesRoses provide free delivery worldwide for all their gorgeous array of products. In a second, I will take you to my top picks but they stock aromatic face masks, hair products, fragrances, body creams, skin stuff, flower waters (omg!) and also have a very affordable range of gift sets; perfect for the holiday season, I must say.

It was very difficult to choose these four, I seriously got lost amidst all the roses haha. Still, I narrowed down to these:
1. Organic Rose Oil in Wooden Souvenir Vial
2. Luxury Eye Contour Serum with Collagen and Black Pearl Extract
3. Rose Intensively Hydrating Mask 
4. Lavender Essential Oil

Which products are catching your eye the most on their website?

  The Feminine Crusade

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hattiesburg Wayfarer from GlassesShop

I find the geeky, oversized eyewear look super fashionable. I think it is a gorgeous combination of hot and nerdy. I don't wear prescription glasses but I was definitely searching for some statement fashion eyeglasses, something that can jazz up a simple outfit or even an un-made face. You want to grab a quick breakfast from the nearest bakery and are in no mood for any touch-ups, just put on a pair of statement glasses and trust me your life is saved. We tend to bump into all kinds of people when we are the least dressed up, right?

Anyway, amidst my search for trendy but cheap eyeglasses I was contacted by Totally Godsent!!! Well, I picked a beautiful Tortoise/Pink Wayfarer which had the option for fitting in prescription lenses as well. I, of course, opted without them.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Lancome Artliner in 'Noir' - Review & Swatch

Lancome Artliner in 'Noir'

An easy-to-apply, liquid eyeliner with a foam tip that's both long-lasting and highly-pigmented. Artliner’s unique applicator and easy glide allows you to manage liquid liner and create different looks for your eyes without smudging or skipping.

$30.50 | Sephora
€33.99 | Douglas

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Maple Holistics Winter Blend Hair Set - Review & Giveaway

Combines eighteen different silk amino acids with a masterful blend of natural conditioning agents to provide treatment for dry, broken, fragile, and all other hair types. Achieve silky, flowing hair with this therapeutic haircare treatment.
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